Monday, 27 October 2008

From a Tired Momma...

Dear Lucy,

Mommy's boobies are just that, Mommy's boobies.  I am more than happy to share them with you for the purpose of your nourishment.  However, they are not here to be your pacifier and your method of falling asleep at 1 a.m.  Please feel free to use your thumb for this purpose.  It is always right there and you can have unlimited access to it, especially at night.  Night time is when we like to sleep, especially Mommy and her boobies.  You seemed to grasp this concept at nine weeks of age, not sure why it is so difficult for you to understand now.

Night, night my precious baby girl.  


Sunday, 26 October 2008

Male Bonding at its BEST!

The men in my life headed out for their first overnight camping trip on Friday!  Three dads and three sons; Cory and Christopher, Jeff and Drew, and Derek and Veto.  Christopher is the only one of the kiddos who is already three so it was a young bunch.  Either we have some really brave dads or just some really anxious guys ready for some good guy bonding with their kids!  I had my doubts as to wether or not they would last the whole night, but they did and I think everyone involved had a ball.  

Monday, 20 October 2008


This was the word that was heard repeatedly around my house this afternoon.  After spending the morning at the Dallas Arboretum and ending the outing with getting his face painted like a tiger, Christopher was in full tiger mode "ROOOAAARRRRing" every chance he could get.

We met my brother and Jennifer there and all of us really had a great time.  If you are looking for a fun outing for a fall day, this one is perfect.  They have all sorts of pumpkins combined with beautiful flowers making great scenery and backgrounds for photo ops, plus a pumpkin house, hay maze, petting zoo, kiddie crafts, and of course the above mentioned face painting.  A good time was had by all!  

My little pumpkins

Uncle Jer and Aunt Jenn ROAR with the tiger!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Welcome to the World Kenslea Caroline

Our good friends the Braatens welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world this morning at 10:55 a.m.!  Kenslea weighed a healthy nine pounds, eight and a half ounces and was brought into the world completely naturally just as her parents had planned.

Big brother Cade spent the day with us today while his mommy and daddy were having their little girl and he was an absolute sweetheart.  He got lots of practice for his new role as big brother by helping me out with Lucy all day.  He could not have been any sweeter.

I got to sneak a peek at precious baby Kenslea this evening when I took Cade home, she is just gorgeous and her momma says she looks like her big brother!  What a wonderful blessing for this neat family.  We are so thrilled for you guys and can't wait to get spend more time with little Kenslea!

P.S.  Wish I had a picture to post, but I don't.  Hopefully there will be one up soon!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Confessions of a Blogaholic

So I'm sure most of you have noticed by now that I can't seem to make up my mind about my blog background.  Those websites with the free backgrounds are going to drive me crazy.  Here I sit in the wee hours of the night looking at all these choices and never making a decision that I remain happy with.  

Part of my problem is that I seem to have similar taste as some of my blogging friends.  I will finally find a background that I like but then realize that someone else is already using it.  What makes this process even longer for me is that when I read my blogs (or your blogs, however you want to look at it) I read them through Google Reader.  My friend Deb introduced me to this concept a couple of months ago and it has made my blog-stalking so much easier!!  The down side of GR is that I don't see everyone's cute backgrounds when I read.  I just read your posts through Google so they simply look like an e-mail or something to that effect.

So in this process of selecting a background, GR has me at a disadvantage because I have to click through everyone's blog and wait for them to load, to see if someone else is already using the one that I have found to certainly be the "perfect" choice for my blog.  In most cases, I have duplicated one of my friends' choices and therefore must return to the searching process through above mentioned website.  Thus creating a terribly long process that just keeps me from going to bed like I should be.

But here I sit, at midnight, somewhat satisfied with my current choice.  I'd like to tell you that I won't change it but if you've been following me for any length of time we all know that just simply isn't the case.  When I was younger (like in high school), I was always making my mother late for work due to my wardrobe indecision.  It has really taken me until my thirties (or two kids and just being too tired) to finally get to a point where I really don't care all that much about my choice of clothing for the day anymore.  Maybe at some point, I'll reach that same place for my blog's attire.  Here's hopin'!

The Pumpkin Patch

Last Friday, the kids and I joined my moms group at the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm in Celina.  We had a great time!  We've taken Christopher to the pumpkin patch every year of his life but this was the first time that he really seemed to enjoy himself.  He was talking about it all day on Friday and is still bringing it to me randomly throughout the day.  

I tried to get some cute pictures of the kids but Christopher's excitement really limited that experience.  After sitting with Lucy for a few seconds and filling her hair with dirt, he announced to me that he was "done" (with the pictures).  So, most of my pictures are just of my precious baby girl, but I'm OK with that. :)

If you are looking for a great family outing, I highly recommend this place.  For seven dollars you get one pumpkin, food to feed the animals, and unlimited hayrides.  There are picnic tables and open grassy areas to enjoy a nice picnic.  A perfect outing for a fall day!

Friday, 3 October 2008

6 Months Old!

Tiny toes
Ribbon and bows
Bright sparkling eyes
And satin sash ties
Frills and finery fitted with finesse
Perfectly suited for our precious princess

-Connie Berry