Saturday, 28 June 2008

Just Plain Cute

I really can't believe that Lucy is almost three months old and this is the first time I have done this but today, I "twinned" my children.  Obviously since they are not of the same gender, "twinning" is really more like coordinating, but you get the point.  I found these adorable outfits at Jaine and Jack, one of may favorite places to shop for the kids, and even better they were on sale!  Cory's mom had a little Sip and See today for our kids.  It was the first time most of her friends have had the chance to meet, not just Lucy, but Christopher too.  So it was a great excuse to dress them in their new clothes!  Pretty cute don't you think?


In case you can't tell from the picture, the plaid patches in Lucy's dress match the plaid in Christopher's shorts, and her bloomers under the dress are just like his shorts.  The excitement was almost too much for me to handle.  

Also, all of you moms of girls out!  My daughter's hair is out of control!!  What can I do?  I know I need to be so thankful that she has hair at all but the longer it gets the more it just sticks out everywhere!!  Is there some kind of magic shampoo or something that I can use to help it calm down?  Seriously, any advice is welcome!!  I'm afraid I may have a long road ahead of me here... 

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Disney Photos

Just wanted to let the grandparents know I have added all our Disney pictures to the Shutterfly collection.  They are there for you to view and order if you wish!

Getting Easier

I am almost three months into motherhood of two and am happy to report that things are starting to get easier.  I'm getting better at getting us all out the door and taking them places is seeming less overwhelming.  Today we met some friends at Willow Bend to play and I didn't bother with my monster double stroller.  Instead, I just had Christopher walk with me and it wasn't so bad.  We even snuck into a couple of stores while we were there and he cooperated nicely.  

The flip side to this coin is that my brain doesn't seem to be functioning in the same way it used to.  Some people refer to this as "pregnancy brain" but for me it seems to be more of a "mommy brain" syndrome.  As I mentioned above we met some friends to play today.  I was so proud of myself because we were actually going to be early to meet them.  Right before I loaded the kids in the car, I ran up to double check my e-mail that today was the day we had planned to meet (I've been mixed up on my days ever since returning from CA).  I was right about the day but wrong on the time.  We were supposed to meet at 10 and I was planning on meeting at 10:30!!  Since it was literally like 2 minutes before 10 when I checked the e-mail, clearly we were going to be late.  

So is life really getting easier?  Maybe not...

Friday, 20 June 2008

Indecision Leads to Disaster!

For quite some time, I have spent many a night searching on Pyzam for a new cute background for my blog.  I finally decided on one but once I got it uploaded, I did not like it.  Unfortunately everything that usually resides on the right hand side of my blog got deleted...nice.  So, I've just spent the last hour getting it all back up there (if any of you know of a quick easy way to fix these situations I'd love to know for the future)!  I'm still missing a few things but hopefully I can find them again eventually.  At any rate, I am DONE trying to be crafty with my background.  Basic colors will do just fine.

My Collection

I have set up a photo album "collection" on Shutterfly.  I have included albums all the way back to when Christopher was born.  So far, I haven't put other albums from vacations or anything on there but I will, it is a work in progress.  At any rate, you can check out the collection by clicking on the link over on the right under "Little Snapshots."  I decided to do this mostly for the benefit of the grandparents (you guys should be able to order any of those pictures that you want) and now, I don't have to try and remember to send them out anymore.  I can just update here on my blog!  Greatness, one less thing for me to try and remember to do these days!  Enjoy!  

Thursday, 19 June 2008


Many of you have asked me how Christopher liked Disneyland.  The truth is, I think he was pretty overwhelmed with it all.  He was always, VERY serious on the rides but every time we finished one he would say, "That was a good one!"  or "That was fun!"  He loved seeing the characters around the park.  He was not too shy to give them big hugs and take a picture with them.  

I definitely think the two highlights of our time there were Playhouse Disney - Live on Stage and the Pixar Play Parade... 

Much to my dismay, ever since I got pregnant with Lucy and was sick in my first trimester, Christopher spends alot of time with his favorite babysitter, known as our television.  This hasn't changed much since Lucy's arrival, but I will get back on my good Mom game eventually.  He mostly watches Playhouse Disney in the mornings and then in the afternoons we might watch a movie.  He loves all the Disney Pixar films like Toy Story, Monsters Inc., It's a Bug's Life, Cars, the list goes on.  And for those of you who don't know Playhouse Disney, it consists of several different cartoons and shows that air every morning such as, Little Einstiens, Handy Manny, and Tigger and Pooh.  So as you might imagine, when the characters from all these televisions greats were brought to life in front of my little boy's eyes, the excitement was just too much to handle!

I wish I could have captured the expression on his face when he saw Remi, the rat from Ratatouille, dancing on a huge float driving down the street at California Adventure during the parade.  And when he peered around a lady in front of us to see all the bugs from It's a Bug's Life waddling towards him, he shouted, "Look!  It's Bug's Wife!  It's Bug's Wife!", each word increasing in volume.  The reactions were very much the same when the Little Einsteins and Handy Manny appeared just a few feet in front of us on a stage where we were made to feel very much like we were in the cartoon itself.  I don't think Cory or I either one could really tell you much about the parade or the stage performance.  Our eyes were fixed on our boy having the time of his life, better than any parade or costume could offer.

So I guess Christopher had a good time at Disneyland but his parents had a great time.

We're Back!

Well, it has been a while since I've had time to post.  We just returned tonight from spending the last five days out in California.  My brother graduated and then we extended our stay to make a trip to Disneyland.  I'm going to try and put a slide show together of our pictures and hopefully will get that posted soon.  I made a few other posts of what's been going on with us in addition to our big vacay!  A good time was had by all!

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Daddy's Day

"Dad, a son's first hero, a daughter's first love."

Thank you Daddy for everything you do for us!  You always make us smile, always make us laugh, always find time to play, always help us out. You give the best hugs, play the best game of chase, cook the best crepes, read the best stories, give the best baths.  We love you and you will always be the best dad in the world to us!

A Preacher in the Family

My sweet 87 year old grandmother once said that she always wanted to have a preacher in the family.  Well, this past Saturday, her little wish came true when my brother graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary.  

We all traveled out to California this past weekend for the big event and had a wonderful time.  The ceremony was very special and quite moving at times.  Jerimiah has worked so hard, is so dedicated to what he feels called to do, and his love for the Lord.  He has a strong heart for missions and plans to do mission work overseas at some point in his life.  I'm so proud of you Jer, and I can't wait to see what God has in store for you!  Love you little brother!

Sweet Baby Lucy

Just a couple of cute pictures of our sweet baby. She is quite the little grinner!! She is 11 weeks now and has survived her first family vacation (another post on that to follow). She was a real trooper and even continued to sleep through the night despite the 2 hour time change in California!

Fun on the Farm

We recently spent some time out at Cory's parents with his family. Christopher has an absolute ball out there. This time was especially fun because we had some baby kittens to play with (or should I say, torture?). He also loves to feed the horses, ride on Grandad's tractor, and swim while we are there. Here are a few pics...

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

2 Months!

Miss Lucy Baylor is 2 months old!  I can't believe it, time has really flown by!  I took her to the doctor today for her two month check up and our baby girl is doing just great.  She now weighs 10 pounds 13 ounces and is a little over 22 inches long!  She is smiling at us all the time now which is such a delight.  She is still nursing well and has recently been giving me a seven hour stretch at night!  We are overjoyed with her and Christopher still warms our heart daily with how sweet he is to her.  Cory and I feel so blessed to have such an amazing little family!

Fun Times With Friends!

Some very dear friends of ours, the Leuchters, came to visit us last week. They brought their baby girl Adelyn, who happens to be our goddaughter, with them and we were able to meet her for the first time. What an absolute angel she is. I really think I only heard her cry once the entire time they were here! Christopher didn't know what to do with himself with two baby girls in the house! He was his sweet self, always wanting to hug on them and saying "I love both babies."

Lucy and Adelyn ready to go to the Aquarium

The wonderful men in my life

Our family

The Leuchter Family

It was so great to get to spend that time with Scott and Dena. Now that we are all parents, things have really changes since we first met them. But it is so much fun to be parents together and I look forward to watching our children grow together! Thanks, Leuchters for making the trip to Texas! We love you guys!