Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Fun Times With Friends!

Some very dear friends of ours, the Leuchters, came to visit us last week. They brought their baby girl Adelyn, who happens to be our goddaughter, with them and we were able to meet her for the first time. What an absolute angel she is. I really think I only heard her cry once the entire time they were here! Christopher didn't know what to do with himself with two baby girls in the house! He was his sweet self, always wanting to hug on them and saying "I love both babies."

Lucy and Adelyn ready to go to the Aquarium

The wonderful men in my life

Our family

The Leuchter Family

It was so great to get to spend that time with Scott and Dena. Now that we are all parents, things have really changes since we first met them. But it is so much fun to be parents together and I look forward to watching our children grow together! Thanks, Leuchters for making the trip to Texas! We love you guys!


Scott and Dena said...

The Leuchters love you back! Thanks for the awesome hospitality and for being such great friends--we miss you!