Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Christopher and Lucy

So, it has been a while since I have posted!  We've been busy playing in the sprinkler, traveling to Austin for a family wedding, and spending time on Memere' and Grandad's farm.  Miss Lucy B continues to be such a sweet joy in our lives.  She is proving to be a little more high maintenance than Christopher was but, she is a girl after all. We still feel very blessed to have another very good baby.  She is eating well and has begun to give me about six hours of sleep at night.  Christopher is still in love with his baby sister and he keeps me very busy when I'm not tending to the baby.  At any rate, here are some recent pictures of our precious children.  Enjoy!



BethHubbard said...

So cute! Glad you finally updated. I'll have to start my blog this summer, but I'll have no interested stories like this year!! I need to come over and hang out. I haven't seen you guys in forever!!! 1 week from tomorrow and I'm free to nanny! :)

Newman Family Blog said...

Cutie pie pictures! Can't wait to get our girls together!