Friday, 11 January 2008

Fire Station Fun!

On Wednesday of this week, our little buddy Drew Dube celebrated his 2nd birthday! As a special treat for Drew, we got to go take a tour of the Frisco Fire Station. My how the boys LOVED getting to see those fire trucks up close, sitting in them, ringing the bell, and pretending to drive!! It was so much fun. The firemen couldn't have been nicer about showing us around....we just popped in on them with no warning, but it didn't seem to bother them one bit. They told us that they host birthday parties for kiddos age 4 and up all the time. However, they are already completely booked every Saturday for 2008 so if you are thinking of doing this I suggest you contact them early!!!

Look at me - Fireman Christopher!

Ringing the bell

Drew's turn


TeamRiss said...

Such a great idea to go to the firestation! And now I know who little Drew is (or at least I know his mama!) See y'all soon.