Monday, 11 February 2008

One Year Cancer Free!

This week, my aunt Pattie celebrates her one year anniversary of being a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed last January and in February she had a double mastectomy. We are all so happy that one year later she is cancer free and as healthy as can be!!

My cousin Beth decided to throw a surprise dinner party in her mom's honor to celebrate the occasion. Several family members made the trip to Dallas for it as well as some of my aunts close friends. We gathered last night a Luna de Noche in Richardson. My aunt thought she was going to dinner at Kirby's Steakhouse but my uncle told some story about investigating a new dentist in the shopping center where Luna is located. When they pulled in the parking lot, we all walked out of the restaurant to surprise her. I have to say that I don't think I have ever seen her that surprised! It was so much fun! Way to go Beth with a fabulous idea, thanks again Bart for treating us to dinner, AND thank you Lord for my aunt's wonderful health...Love you Pattie!


Completely shocked!


Chris Faehnle said...

Great story a a great year for Pattie. I love to read your blog!

Beth said...

You got some great pics! Send them my way when you get a chance. Love the blog!

The Braaten Family said...

Look at her face! Hilarious!! I bet she had so much fun celebrating...what a great idea.

pkhubbard said...

I really was speechless! And that is quite an accomplishment for me!! Good job Beth on all your hard work and planning. Good job Bart on letting Beth do it all and paying for her to do it!