Wednesday, 8 July 2009

15 Months!

Well it's been a while since I've updated everyone on little Miss Lucy. She recently had her 15 month birthday and we just had her doctor visit today. She received an excellent report at her well visit today, including a nice little growth spurt which upped her percentile a little bit. Always nice to hear that.

It is funny how quickly you forget about the different things these little ones do as they quickly grow and develop. Things Christopher did at this age come flooding back when I see Lucy achieving some of these little milestones. Remembering him toddle around as he was first learning to walk, and then watching her try so desperately to keep up with him is just a reminder at how quickly the time really does go.

She is learning new things and changing almost daily. She is really trying to develop her vocabulary! She says, "more" (along with her own version of sign language for that one), "bye-bye", "no, no" (always like that, not just "NO"), and "bow" (Does that make you proud, Meredith?). We also hear "Ma Ma" and "Da Da" quite frequently. My favorite little thing she started doing a couple of days ago is giving hugs. It is just adorable. If you ask her for a hug, she will reach her arms around your neck and go "Aaaaawwwwwww." As if to say, "Awww, how sweet." (Which of course, is usually what Cory and I would always say to her when we would give her hugs). She will also give kisses and wave hello and good-bye.

I could go on and on about the little things she does that just amaze me. But to be brief, let's just say that she now "helps" me make my bed every morning. It is so cute! As soon as she sees me start to spread up the sheets, she toddles over to the pillows and tries to pick them up and hand them to me. So adorable!!

We feel so blessed to have Lucy. She brightens our days and fills our hearts with pure joy!

Lucy Baylor, 15 months

Kisses from Christopher

Watching fireworks on the 4th!


Mommy D said...

Okay, first, she continues to be SO adorable--love her! Sending her squeezes from across the miles right now!

Second, love LOVE the "no, no"--what a sweet little way--it almost softens the blow of no!

And finally, YOU MAKE YOUR BED EVERY DAY? Oh, woman, you continue to amaze me.

Hugs to you all!

Chris Faehnle said...

Can't wait to get my hug!! Both children look adorable. Can't wait to see them. Love, Edie