Saturday, 29 December 2007

Christmas 2007

What a wonderful Christmas we've had building memories that we will always cherish. The past week has consisted of celebrating with family and as usual, fun was had by all. We spent last Saturday with Cory's family opening presents and decorating train cakes (a tradition Cory's mom is starting with her grand kids). Christopher had a ball decorating and so did his Memere'! Then my family arrived here on Saturday night and we've had the best time playing games, eating, and celebrating. The entire extended family was here for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day which made for a great time. We played Rockband on the XBOX (a gift for us from my Dad this year) and Boxing on the Wii (a gift from Santa to my cousin's little girls) everyone a really good laugh.

Here is a variety of pictures we've taken...most of them are from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I sort of went brain dead and kept forgetting my camera when we went places!! They don't all show up on the checkerboard in the blog, so if you are interested, click on the "View All Images" button to see more!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!