Thursday, 20 December 2007

Mission Accomplished

We finally made the journey to the mall today to battle the lines and sit on Santa's lap. While Christopher seems very excited to talk about Santa and loves to point him out in pictures and books, I was very skeptical of whether or not we would actually get a picture with him smiling. Once again, my little boy amazes me. When it was our turn to see Santa, his face just lit up with a huge grin. He told Santa he wanted "lots of toys" for Christmas and he sat there very patiently while several photos were taken. It took us a little bit to actually get the grin on his face but he eventually cooperated. Another fun memory for mommy!

Mr. Serious and Santa

Getting close to that smile

Third time's a charm!


TeamRiss said...

What an adorable child you have! Glad that your pictures turned out so well.

Jonna said...

so Wesley is sitting here in my lap while I'm blog hopping, and he sees this pic of Christopher and Santa and he exclaims "It's Kissfer and Santa mommy!" What a hoot!!