Saturday, 12 April 2008

Lucy's First Week

Miss Lucy is officially 9 days old and we have almost been home for one whole week! Things are going just great. She sleeps alot, which I'm sure will end soon, and she is eating quite well. My mom is still here playing the role of nurse to me, and entertainer to Christopher. In other words, I've yet to be alone with the two if them by myself. However, my little boy is so sweet and is already proving to be a great big brother and helper. He will bring me a diaper and throw the dirty ones away. The other day, he went all the way upstairs for me to get my Boppy pillow and brought it back down for me to nurse.

Like I said, Lucy sleeps, alot! You forget how much they sleep during these early days. She is staying awake a little more each day which is fun and allowing for me to get some pictures of her awake!! We've had some visitors and this weekend, my brother and his wife flew in from California to meet Miss Lucy.

I'm still getting used to being surrounded by all this pink. We've gotten packages in the mail with adorable little girl outfits for her and I still can't believe I get to dress her in them! For those of you that know me well, I was sure I was going to be the mother of all boys. Don't get me wrong, I am beside myself with happiness over having a daughter, I guess it is one of those things where I feel like I should pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming!! I just feel so blessed to be able to experience the joys of both a little boy and a girl.

Enjoy the slide show of just a few pictures of our first week at home. We're having a ball with our bundle of joy!!


Newman Family Blog said...

Lucy is just beautiful! I'm so glad to see more pictures of her. Makes me want our baby girl to get here soon!

Aubs said...

She is absolutely adorable! I love the slideshow with music. It looks like you had a wonderful first week and she is already so happy.

Betsy said...

Thank you for sharing these adorable pictures of your precious little girl! She is beautiful!!! I can't wait to meet Lucy B. Until then...I'll keep checking the blog for updates!

TeamRiss said...

She is so gorgeous! I'm glad things are getting as 'normal' as possible. We can't wait to see Miss Lucy again.

Jessica said...

She is so beautiful and such a sweetie! I loved meeting her the other day! She looks so much like Christopher but so much like Lucy!