Thursday, 24 April 2008


My friends Dena and Gina tagged me on their blogs. I guess this is some sort of game in blog-land. I am supposed to list seven things about myself that most people don't know...

1. I played the flute for a couple of years in middle school, why, I will never be sure.

2. I had the BEST job in high school as a yogurt maid at the local A-town TCBY. It seriously was the best job and I loved working there. Sometimes I still get a craving for my special strawberry-banana milkshake that I always made when I was closing. Mmmmmmm...

3. I made it through almost my entire Freshman year of college without ever doing laundry. By this I mean I think I only actually did one load in the dorms. All the rest of the time I sent it home via my roommate, other Abilene friends, and myself. They would drop it off at my parent's house on Friday and my mom would have it ready for them to pick up on Sunday all folded and ready to return to me. Can you say spoiled??

4. On the spoiled note, my mother also made my lunch for me all the way through high school. She also wrote notes to me on my napkins!! I wonder if I will do this for my kids??

5. Up until I decided that I wanted to marry Cory, I was going to move to New York after college to pursue a career as a broadcast journalist.

6. On our honeymoon, we were asked to participate in a kissing contest and we won. Granted our only competition was two other couples, but still.

7. I have an EXTREME fear of wasps and bees.

OK, now I'm supposed to keep the game going so I'll tag... Meredith B. and Emily R. You guys are it!!


Scott and Dena said...

Wow, I have so much to respond to, here! All I can say about he laundry is I am sure Christopher or Lucy B. Will return the favor someday! And my mom used to do the napkin thing, too, and when we first got married I would put napkin notes in Scott's lunch. That was when I had time B.C.(Before child(ren))

TeamRiss said...

I love the fact you and Cory won a kissing contest! And I think those milkshakes sound awesome. So fun!