Sunday, 24 August 2008

Celebrating Mom

This past Friday the kids and I made a quick trip to Abilene to celebrate my mom's retirement.  She has worked in the world of education for 25 years and has always been very dedicated to her students and her job.  She set such a good example for my brother and me with a very strong work ethic.  I'm so proud of her for all of her hard work, but am SO excited for her to begin this next chapter in her life.  I can't think of anyone more deserving of living a life of leisure, so to speak, and getting to focus on doing things for herself for a change.  Not to mention, how excited I am about the time she will be able to have to be a grandmother now!!  

Thanks again mom, for all of your hard work over the years!  I love you!


Julie said...

Yea for Chris! I can attest to the fact that retired grandparents are the best! You will all enjoy this so much!

Chris Faehnle said...

And thank you for all your wonderful support for these years. As I said the other day, I could not have done it with the support of family and it is true....I did it for you and Jerimiah. I love you!!!

The Locke Family said...

Congratulations Chris! I hope you enjoy the world of retirement, and you are always welcome to spend your free time in Frisco with your grandkids!


Scott and Dena said...

Congratulations, Chris--we love you, too!
Scott, Dena and Adelyn Leuchter

pkhubbard said...

I am so proud of Chris and all she accomplished--a long way from my telling her how to fill out the job application to the successful educator! Stephanie and Jerimiah are so lucky to have you for a mom and role model!!