Sunday, 31 August 2008

Let the Games Begin

A little known fact about me that some of you may not know is that I LOVE football season!!  I come from a family of football lovers so I guess it is just sort of in my blood.  Cory tells me this time every year that he feels pretty lucky to be married to someone that can't wait to wake up on Saturday mornings and watch College Game Day on ESPN.  Where as many spouses see this time of year as a hinderance to their marriage, we find it an asset to ours.  Until now...

Cory and I are both in a Fantasy Football League organized by my brother.  Tonight was our draft.  Earlier this afternoon I asked Cory what his strategy was going to be.  He simply refused to tell me.  Guess I'm on my own in the fantasy football department these days.  I will be the first to admit that I wasn't as prepared for the draft as I would have liked to have been.  Since we now have two small children my days are filled with trying to care for them and see that their every need is met.  I do not have time to research players and teams.  Ever since becoming a mother of two, my brain functions much differently than it used to and I had a much harder time keeping up with the auction during our draft.  So needless to say, when Cory ended up with the QB I had originally wanted, I wasn't too thrilled.  

My team is basically mediocre and I'm really OK with that.  It is all just for fun anyway.  But there is something to be said for the competitive edge one might feel with their spouse.  So during this football season, both fantasy and real, every time my sweet husband comes up with some glib comment and wants to "trash talk" to me about my team, I hope he thinks about what I do each and every day for our kids.  That my mind is no longer a place for scores, yards, and numbers; but for feeding schedules, playtimes, disciplines, and bedtimes.  Perhaps the next time Lucy is crying and he looks at me for a suggestion about what he should do, I'll just simply refuse to tell him.      


Julie said...

Hey, just always remember that I was the one who drafted John's first 5 players - it can't get much more mediocre than that! We love football season here, too. I must admit though, I am more of a random trivia person than a strategist. We took the girls to the Aggie game this weekend. Not a stellar intro to A&M football! :(

The Braaten Family said...

Oh my this is hilarious! Yes, I have to say that a frown comes across my face when Fall college football is mentioned. I guess just b/c my husband eats, breathes, and sleeps Aggie football that its hard to have a life until its over.
Yes, Cory should be kissing those precious feet of yours!! Lucky devil!

Heather Coleman said...

Right on, sister!

I LOVE football too (especially college)! I spent this past Saturday enjoying College Gameday (even after I sent Chris off to take Blake to a birthday party...I think I may actually enjoy watching it more than him). Ah, football and fall, 2 of my favorite things.

I haven't done fantasy football before. I've almost done it many times. It seems like a fun way to keep better track of pro football since I usually just keep up with the Cowboys. I'm sure Chris and I would get pretty competitive too. I've wondered if we could do it as a team and make our picks together.

You tell Cory to be nice! Have fun enjoying football season. At least you can count on your Red Raiders beating our Aggies (what was up with our 18-14 loss against the big football powerhouse of Arkansas State on Saturday, ugh).

Aubs said...

LOL! I did not know you were such a fan...Jeff wishes I were. I mean I like to watch, but I do not do the is just too much for me. Good luck! Kick Corey's you know what.

Meredith said...

You, me and Heather need to leave the kiddos with the boys some Saturday and enjoy college football together :) I am totally a fan too! Of course, most games will be coming on long after I am asleep over here. Alas, we are going to some friends house this weekend to watch football. Thank goodness for Sling Box!

I bowed out of fantasy football this year. Too much going on with the move, etc. However, as Kyle was drafting for one of his teams I was over his shoulder questioning his picks. I guess you never lose that competitive edge!