Monday, 22 September 2008

Balloon Festival

We ventured out to the Plano Balloon Fest this past weekend.  We had a good time despite the traffic, crowds, and long lines.  A potty trained child sheds new light on these situations, ie. sitting in traffic having him kicking the back of my seat as he is trying to hold it with no where for us to go, was just an added thrill to our night!  We ran into our friends the Newmans while we were there and had a good time battling the long food lines with them and baby Nora, who is such a cutie pie! 

Here are some pictures: 

I love the look of pure wonder on my little boy's face in this next one.


kalocke said...

Man, am I ever behind in checking your blog. You guys have had all sorts of fun adventures this fall. love ya, Memere