Wednesday, 3 December 2008

8 Months and MOBILE!

Baby Lucy is 8 months old today!  To say time is going by fast would be an understatement!  Her personality is shining through more and more everyday.  I have discovered over the last couple of weeks that Miss Lucy LOVES a schedule.  The days that I have been able to give her a good morning and afternoon nap, she is such a delight.  Unfortunately for her (and me), providing that schedule in the day to day routine with all of Christopher's activities can be difficult.  Poor second baby!  I'm doing my best and so is she, yesterday she took about an hour nap in the car while I killed some time before picking Christopher up and then got another hour of sleep in the Ergo carrier while Christopher played at the park.  Not as good as the crib, but it worked.

Lucy at 8 months:
  • Is mobile!  She makes her way all over the place by army crawling.  Cory and I give the little girl a huge E for effort.  There is not one part of her tiny body that is not making the attempt to move.
  • Has 2 teeth!!  Yep, those bottom two teeth finally popped through!  This could also be a part of her change in spirit.  Her sweet little smile is so adorable with those tiny teeth.
  • Eats three meals of baby food each day, and usually nurses three or four times a day.  
  • Goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up at 6am.  
  • Still absolutely adores her brother.  Her eyes follow him all over the place, and no one can get her to laugh like he can!
  • Loves playing with her toys.
  • Babbles "ma, ma, ma", "da, da, da", and "ba, ba, ba."
  • Doesn't care to be read to because all she wants is to chew the book.
  • Occasionally drinks water from a sippy cup.
  • Is beginning to warm up to people other than Mommy and Daddy (it has been a few weeks since I have been paged by the nursery at church)!
Just for fun here is a picture of Christopher around 8 months followed by another one of Lucy.  


Scott and Dena said...

Happy 8 month b-day Lucy B! We love you and you are such a sweet little peanut! (Tell mommy I'm dying to fly your Aunt Jenn to Chicago just to take some pix of your friend Adelyn.) Have a great birthday!

BethHubbard said...

Too cute! And on a personal note, I'm very glad she's not crying everytime I look at her!!

Newman Family Blog said...

So precious! I can't believe Lucy is already 8 months old!

The Braaten Family said...

Your children have the cutest expressions. I want to gobble up Christopher in that photo!!