Sunday, 4 January 2009

9 Months Old!

Our little Lucy turned 9 months old yesterday!  She continues to be such a blessing to our family.  She has her daddy wrapped completely around her little finger, especially after these last two weeks where he has been home with us!  I know she is really going to miss him tomorrow!  Lucy loves to smile and she just melts our hearts.  She's accomplished several milestones this month, and I have a feeling their going to just keep on coming as this little girl continues to grow way too fast!

At 9 months Lucy...
  • Crawls all over the place!  She definitely prefers to be on the ground rather than anyplace else (except Mommy or Daddy's arms)!
  • Pulls up on some furniture.  Most of the time she just pulls up to her knees but yesterday she made it all the way to a standing position and she was so proud!
  • Eats a little bit of table food.  She's been introduced to the Gerber Puffs, Cheerios, and yogurt.  All of which she thoroughly enjoyed!
  • Mimics certain sounds.  
  • Waves hello and goodbye.
  • Has two teeth and no sign of any others on the way.
  • Loves her toys that make noise and play music.
I take her to the doctor this week so I'll post with her weight after that.  She's still just a little peanut, staying pretty true to size and age in clothes.  

I will also try and post some pics from Christmas and other holiday adventures soon!  In the meantime, Happy New Year to all!


TeamRiss said...

She's such a big girl, and I'm loving her pigtails! You guys are soooo the All-American Family.

Crystal said...

So sweet. I enjoy reading your blog with Lucy's monthly posts so I can kind of gage when to start stuff with Emerson! However, clothes are not true to size with us...unfortunately!

Amy said...

She is beautiful! We loved your cards. I can't believe I haven't read your blog yet. And honestly, I probably need to start one. It would make the grandparents happy and be a good outlet for me too. :)

Chris Faehnle said...

My oh my!!! How very fast these nine months have gone. I just can't believe it. You are right; it is going way too fast. I miss both of my precious little grandchildren and hope to see them again real soon. Love, Edie
PS...she is adorable in that picture on this post!!!!