Friday, 13 February 2009

First Haircut!

Lucy had her first "official" haircut today. I have snipped the ends here and there just to try and help smooth it out a bit but today we just took the plunge and let someone else do it.

Before I had kids, I thought it was like an unwritten rule that you could not get their hair cut until after their first birthday. My brother and I were both pretty bald babies so I never knew that this "rule" would be a problem. Well, Cory has given both of our children LOTS of hair as babies (hopefully, my genes will allow them to keep it in their old age! LOL). So, both of them received haircuts before their first birthday. With Christopher, it took several people calling him a "she" before I broke down and did it around 11 months. Now, when I look back at pictures, I realize that the haircut really did wonders for helping his hair to seem so much thicker and really just looked so much better. So with Lucy, there wasn't as much agonizing (I know that's hard to believe, King family). I figure, the more help this poor girl can get with all this fly-away hair the better, and she'll thank me when she is a teenager looking back at her baby pictures.

I am happy with the results and I think the lady did a nice job. She predicted that Miss Lucy will most likely have some curls, or at least a bit of a wave when all of her hair grows in. Cory and I have suspected the same thing because we usually see some curls when her hair is wet or in very humid weather!! Only time will tell...

Here are a few pictures of the event.

The "before" picture

Distracted by Cheerios

This was really the only time she cried, but this is the end result!


Jonna said...

you are brave!! The babies totally need haircuts, but I am a believer of the one year rule. I am ok if they look like girls :)

Julie said...

She looks so cute! I can't really relate, as both of my girls were bald, bald, bald! I took Cass at 18 mos. because I just thought she HAD to have a haircut. And even then she really didn't need it.

Uncle Johnny said...

Hair is like grass. The more you cut it the faster it grows and spreads out.