Saturday, 19 July 2008

Tribute to Abilene

Today we hung out with some of my very dear friends from high school, Tiffany, Misty, and Sherry, as well as their significant others and husbands. We all live here and try to get together every now and then to catch up and talk about old times. It's always so fun to see them. We spent the afternoon at Misty's enjoying some yummy food and pool time.

It is hard to believe that I met these girls when I was just about Christopher's age! I think it is so neat that we have been able to maintain our friendships over the years. I could write the longest post telling of many of our fun times together but instead I came across these pictures...

Tiffany and Misty are second from the right with Tiff standing and Misty on the couch.  I'll let you all figure out which one is me!  Sherry is not in this picture because I actually didn't meet her until 6th grade (see pic below).  

Sherry and Steph before some type of junior high dance (I think).  Wow, I can't believe I am posting that picture!!

And here they are today, some of my oldest and dearest friends.
From left: Tiffany, Sherry, and Misty.


BethHubbard said...

That first picture reminds me of when I wanted to play with you guys, the cool older girls, and you left me out. Like a true tag-a-long.... :(

Russamoto said...

WOW! We look really good in that pic. I am pretty sure that you were thinking how jealous you were of my gigantic shoulder pads while your mom was snapping that photo!

Chris said...

Those pictures are too cute. I would love to send them along to the other moms but I doubt they are bloggers. BUT, how wonderful that you have pictures and memories of such dear sweet friends.