Sunday, 3 August 2008

Lucy Baylor

Happy 4 month birthday baby girl!  

Some of the things we love about you...
  • Your beautiful smile!  You brighten my day with this every single morning.  Your daddy even commented today about what a morning person you are, always so happy.
  • Your coos and squeals of delight.  You love to play on your activity mat and squeal and grin at the animals on there.  
  • You always have something to say!  We think you are going to be quite the chatterbox when you get older.  You love to babble and coo at just about anything and anyone.
  • Your hair.  I know that may seem silly but your hair makes me laugh all the time.  I just can't control it, but I love it all the same.  
  • Your little feet.  Sometime your daddy and I wonder if you will be able to stand up on those feet someday.  They are so narrow and dainty.  Just precious.
  • Your patience.  You got to enter this world with a very proud older brother just waiting to love on you and he hasn't stopped a day since then.  Thank you for letting him smother you with his hugs and kisses.  I promise when he is 12 or 13 and wants to sleep in, I'll let you go into his room and poke on his face so that he wakes up!
I could go on and on.  I feel so blessed to get to be your mommy and I'm loving every minute of it.


The Braaten Family said...

Ohhhh, how I love that bow. She is so precious!!

Becca said...

Love the bow! Happy 4 months!

pkhubbard said...

Happy baby due to happy family!

Scott and Dena said...

so beautiful (and looking more like her mother every day!)

powellsa74 said...

She is too cute!