Monday, 22 September 2008

Grocery Shopping Glory

Many of you may know that one of my biggest hurdles has a parent has been grocery shopping.  By this I mean that I am extremely overwhelmed by trying to do my grocery shopping with my kids.  These feelings of grocery anxiety have come at different times in my parenting adventure.  After Christopher was born I think I only look him with me to the grocery store once in the first six months of his life.  The same has pretty much repeated itself with the arrival of Lucy.  Not to mention, with two kids it is that much more overwhelming to think about trying to handle both of them and concentrate on getting all of my groceries.  My friend Jonna has three kids and seems to have this task down, but for me it is one of those things that I just haven't gotten a handle on. 

Until now.

Thanks to our new grocery store, Market Street, I successfully went to the grocery store today and managed to shop for my week's worth of groceries with both of my kids.  I give Market street the credit because they have these adorable little shopping carts for the kids to push (I'm sure other stores have them too, I just haven't used them anywhere else).  Christopher was the best Little helper today, pushing his cart right alongside mine and putting his own groceries in it.  He was perfectly sweet then entire time and all three of us had the best time.  I wore Lucy in my Ergo pack and she did just great too.  

Here is a picture of my little man with his groceries.  He is blurry because we were dancing in the aisles to the fun music they had playing in Market Street, funny how your kids can get you to feel like you are the only people in the room.


Aubs said...

Good job! It is not something that I like to do, grocery shop with kids. However, it has to be done and we do it. I wish there was a Market Street closer to us. I might just have to bite the bullet and go to it. Especially if I can get everything with one swoop. Right now I cannot go to one store and find everything I want.

Julie said...

Oh how I miss those days! Now nobody wants to go to the grocery with me. I love mini carts. Those used to save the day at Petco, too. Market Street sounds cool!

Scott and Dena said...

Victory! Congratulations--what a cute little shopper you have with you!

Jonna said...

I do the same as you!! I wear one, throw one in the basket, and let Wesley ride underneath. MS has the only baskets around that a kid can actually fit under!

Atwill Family said...

Taiylor and Hailey love to go to Dillons just because of the little carts!! I would have to say that they are pretty cute. :)