Sunday, 30 November 2008

Making My List

The Christmas season is officially here now and it is past time to start on the shopping!!  The grandparents have been asking for ideas for the kids and then my friend Meredith suggested we post our good finds on our blogs to share with one another, so I am attempting to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.  

Ideas for Christopher:
Shop at Learning Express.  They have a great selection of good educational toys and very few electrical things so that is always a plus (I'm not a huge fan of electronic toys).  A few specific suggestions from here are: I Spy Preschool Game, Dinosaur Stamp Set by Melissa and Doug, and See and Spell Game.
Other great places to shop for him are Back to Basics Toys  and Land of Nod.  Also, check Meredith's blog and read about the Black and Decker tool toys for kids.  I think those are super cute too!  Christopher has really enjoyed the music class we have taken this fall so any type of music related item you find would be a hit also (Except please no drum set!  I can promise you that it would be returned! LOL!).  There are some cute music toys in the above mentioned Back to Basics as well as Pottery Barn Kids.

For Lucy:
This one is tough.  Poor second baby, doesn't get anything new for herself because we already have every toy known to man!  I know it won't always be this way because by next year we will be able to get her girlie things like dolls and kitchens and stuff but this year, honestly the girl should get clothes.  Let's face it, I have already mentioned to Cory several times that I am going to have to get a second job in order to outfit this little girl.  Let's face it, the girl clothes are WAY cute and a little on the pricey side at times.  I know that is boring but seriously it is what she needs.  Unlike the toy closet, I can't exactly go pull out Christopher's adorable dump truck sweater from '05 for her this winter.  Here are some suggested shopping places:
Best Dressed Child (internet only)

So there you go.  Since we have three sets of grandparents buying for these kiddos, if you (the grandparent) would like to "claim" one of these suggestions, just post a comment.  I think everyone has learned how to do that by now!  Happy shopping!


TeamRiss said...

So I haven't been out to anyone's blogs lately and I love the new theme on y'alls! so adorable and what a good idea for a post and list- such a smart mama!

Uncle Johnny said...

I claim green sand for Christopher's sandbox. I know it is not on the gift list, but he needs some new sand. It is my understanding that he got a miniture inside sandbox complete with tools for his birthday. Edie tells me that he does not play with it anymore because the sand is all gone. Not sure where it went. In any event, my Christmas gift to Christopher will be some green sand for his miniture sandbox.

The Locke Family said...

Christopher will love the green sand as green is his favorite color! We will be sure to bring the sand complete with the mini sandbox to your house on the 26th and I'm sure you won't mind if he plays with it in your bed!!

Jonna said...

I was thinking about getting Wesley the I Spy Preschool game, too!!

BethHubbard said...

But what about YOU?!?!??!