Sunday, 23 November 2008


We are all sick.  

Christopher has bronchitis.
Lucy has croup.
Cory and I are sick that Tech didn't bother to show up in Norman last night.  

The Locke household has not been a fun place today.


Scott and Dena said...

ugh! i was just reading about croup in one of my parenting mags. Sorry for the sick house (and for Tech's lousy game). Hugs all around and prayers for speedy recovery.

Uncle Johnny said...

The fat lady has not sung. And it ain't over until the fat lady sings. Tech football has taken their fans on a wonderful ride this year. A ride many thought never possible. Sure, they looked worse than terrible on Saturday night. But there is still a lot of football left and anything is possible - including Oklahoma State beating Oklahoma University. And so, the fat lady must wait. Guns Up!

Julie said...

Okay, that is funny. I really am so sorry that your kiddos are sick. That is not fun. But I am cracking up at you and Cory. Of course, we have had plenty of football related sickness here this year! But like my dad said, there is still hope. Our only hope is to be the Longhorn's spoiler this year, and I really don't see that happening either.