Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Countdown Calendar

About a week ago, I started a "countdown to baby calendar" with Christopher. In similar fashion to the Advent Calendar, each day until the baby comes, he gets to open one "door" on the calendar and inside there is some fun activity for us to do. He actually really likes it. It is about the only thing that sort of has to do with the baby that seems to interest him. He refuses to read any of the books I've gotten or anything like that so I think he is pretty much going to be in total shock when he has to share his Mommy and Daddy with someone else!

Christopher and his calendar

Anyway, today the card from the calendar said that we could go get ice cream together. Right after lunch, we heard the ice cream truck driving by. So instead of taking him up to Cold Stone as I had originally planned, we ran outside (actually my cousin, Beth physically chased after the truck) to buy our ice cream. Of course it turned out to be the biggest mess but we enjoyed eating outside in the sun after all the rain yesterday!

Enjoying our frozen treat!

That was YUMMY!


Jonna said...

Where on earth did you come up with this most fabulous idea??? LOVE IT! If I wasn't so lazy, I might do it too. Hmmm...did you make it or order it?