Thursday, 6 March 2008

"Look at all that snow!"

Those were the words consistently coming out of my little boy's mouth all afternoon. It didn't take any time for the ground to be covered and Christopher was ready to get out and play in the snow by the time Daddy got home. The two of them made a great snowman!

Sadly, our Frosty only managed to stay standing just about long enough for the picture. He collapsed shortly after we came inside. Christopher didn't seem to care though, he just enjoyed getting to have fun in the snow!


Jonna said...

HUGE snowman!! Was that today? I kept watching the news, as they were predicting 4-6 inches in Collin County. We got nothing. I mean nothing. Poor Wesley stood at the window so long, waiting for me to let him go outside to "play in the snow". No snow today, buddy!

The Braaten Family said...

We FINALLY got snow after the upset on Tuesday but NO WAY did we get that much snow. That is one huge snowman!

How does that happen when we live fairly close to one another?