Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a great time celebrating Easter today. Christopher had some eggs to find first thing this morning when he woke up. As soon as he found one he would open up the egg and become very excited about the Hershey Kiss that was inside. Cory and I thought it was so cute how with each egg, the excitement was still there and very genuine, even though all the eggs had basically the same thing in there!

We went to church and took our friends and neighbors, the Dubes with us. The service was beautiful. It is always such joy to sing "Christ the Lord is risen today!" I always think of all the churches filled with people probably singing the very same hymn at the very same time. Then I think of the tomb, all those thousands of years ago and what that must have been like to experience the risen Christ.

After church, the Dubes came over here and the boys hunted some more eggs and we ate a very casual lunch. This preggo was not about to cook a big meal so I ordered some salads and no one went hungry. The boys were so funny finding their eggs. Since Christopher had gotten a little practice earlier this morning, he seemed to have the idea down. As we would try to point out some eggs to Drew, Christopher usually ended up swooping in for the steal. But my little angel was so sweet and instead of keeping the eggs for himself, he kindly gave the ones that he found to his friend.

Here are some pics from the day:

Please notice the Christmas PJ's

Christopher in his Easter outfit. FYI, to those of you reading this who might not appreciate his style. I would dress my child like this everyday if I could. However, he is way too BOY and would ruin these nice clothes if I did.

Using bubbles to try and get the boys to look at the camera. It didn't quite have the effect we were hoping for!

The Locke Family - quite possibly the last time there will only be 3 people in the picture!

I hope you all had a blessed Easter!


Chris Faehnle said...

What a precious Easter day for the Locke family. I love the outfit and am so thankful that you all had such a special, memory-filled day. Love, Mom

Jonna said...

Was the comment about his clothes directed at me? :) I'm always looking to give you a hard time!

The Braaten Family said...

Like I've said before, Christopher is a total model! He looks absolutely precious!!

Aubs said...

What a great day! Joshua hunted eggs Easter morning as well in Christmas pajamas.

motherglover said...

Hi Stephanie!

I linked to your blog from Hollier's...oooopppsss...Rissmiller's...I love seeing blogs from all of the "homies" and "connects"...such a great way to keep up! Christopher is precious! I can't wait to see pix of new "Baby Locke!"

May God richly bless you and be with you in the coming days!

Love, Motherglover

motherglover said...

I love your blog...linked to it from Hollier's blog...oopsssss...Rissmiller's blog. What a wonderful day...what a precious son and soon-to-be new addition. Thanks for sharing...the "old...and I use that term very loosely..." folks at home love it!

May God richly bless you all in the coming days!

TeamRiss said...

Your child is so gorgeous; love his outfit and I like the one with the 4 of y'all too!

pkhubbard said...

I love the outfit! John had one very similar and I still love that picture of him in it! But you are right--they become BOY too quickly! Can't wait tomeet Baby Locke on Thursday.