Thursday, 6 March 2008

Little Boys

While I was downloading our pictures from the snow, I came across a couple of pics of Christopher I have been meaning to share. Just little snipets of the fun things that happen during my days with him. He can always bring a smile to my face!

We recently got Christopher his first computer game....I know, awful parents right? Well, in my defense it is a Dr. Seuss ABC game based on one of Dr. Seuss's books that Christopher loves. At any rate, he does enjoy playing it and he has really gotten pretty good at it. The other day, I walked into our study to find him like this:

He had managed to get his wooden stool up on top of our $15 Ikea chair so he could see better without sitting on his knees. I couldn't help but laugh and take his picture. I did have to explain to him that he shouldn't do that again since the chair probably weighs less than the stool!

Another day, I walked into our study to find my son looking like this:

Yes, those are a pair of my boots.

This last one is one of our favorites. Every night Christopher has to gather up these stuffed animals he calls his "friends" to sleep with. The always consist of "Puppy" the beloved dog that contains his binky inside, "Brownie" a stuffed horse from my mom, "Bear", and "Blankie". Sometimes he invites "The Grouchy Ladybug" and his Little Einsteins, "Annie" doll. Well, every morning he comes into our room with his arms overloaded with his "friends". Cory and I really get a kick out of it because some mornings you can't even see his face, just this mound of walking stuffed toys.


TeamRiss said...

I love the picture in the boots and he looks so adorable holding all his friends. Love it!