Thursday, 8 November 2007

Burgers and Butterflies

In general, I am a huge lover of food. Pregnant, I am an even bigger fan of things that will satisfy my almost always growling tummy. Unfortunately, the British have a different idea of what people eat than what I do. If you have visited here before, you know what I mean. Well last night we discovered the BEST burger place...even by American standards. I realize some of you may find it strange that I would decide to blog about food, and this may even be true, but it was a good burger!! Here is a picture of Christopher and me enjoying a tasty milkshake at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

On a more serious note, Christopher and I visited Kew Gardens today. This is a 300-acre botanical garden owned by the Royal Family. It is home to some of the most extraordinary plants on the planet. The grounds were truly beautiful, even though the weather wasn't that great.

Today I decided to abandon the stroller and do the baby-wearing again. It is so much easier getting downstairs in our apartment (there is no "lift" here), and getting on and off the bus and train. However, wearing my 30 pound boy does start to hurt my back eventually so Christopher was a real trooper today and he did lots of walking!!

As you might imagine, he was not too interested in the exotic plants, although the leaves and trees were a real treat for him. We spent most of our time there in the "Climbers and Creepers" playground, a unique interactive indoor botanical play area. He had a great time on the slide, playing in the dirt pit, and watching the butterflies.

I know there were lots of areas I didn't get to see of the Royal Gardens but at some point you have to decide whether you are there to sight see or entertain your child!


Pappa Bear said...

What an awesome day! The picture of you two is priceless! Glad you're having such a wonderful experience. Love you!

pkhubbard said...

I wrote this nice long interesting and supportive email about me and my blogging success--then it dissappeared because I didn't have an account! Oh well--I love you all and miss having you here--but it looks like great fun and Chhristopher and you look great--how wonderful to experience a mums day out!! Keep it coming--especially now that I know how to do it!!

Beth said...

So cute. Love the pics. I did remember this wonderful place that we ate at in Paris. It's all American food! I can't remember the exact name but it was something like Joe Allen's, or no, maybe that's the place in Abilene. Anyway, we read about in one of our travel books. We were craving good American food so bad I couldn't stand it. So if you need some good food with a taste of home, I'd recommend it!! Miss you guys!

Kim said...

Hi Stephanie!
Your dad sent us the link to your very cool and hip blog! Needless to say, I am so jealous of your time there, priceless as you know. Make sure you do the London City tour on the double decker bus, its a great excuse to sit while you learn, give your back a rest!
love and prayers to you all,
kim mauser(and jeff and nicole and baby luke!)