Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Do You Believe in Coincidence?

I personally, do not. I believe when "coincidental" things happen that the Lord is trying to show you something, answer a prayer, help you see something in a different way, etc.

Well, if you have talked to me much at all about this London adventure, you would know one of my biggest hang-ups was how I was going to get around the city with my two-year-old. I mean the tubes here are great transportation but they are not exactly stroller friendly. After these last few days of sightseeing here in Richmond I was really getting antsy to explore some other areas. I mean, I am in London after all and there is so much to do! The biggest problem with this is to go beyond Richmond means to take the public transportation - a bus or train.

I finally decided that I would take Christopher to the Science Museum today. We would need to take the bus to the train station and get on the tube, but I would not need to change lines or anything after that. All we would have to do would be ride the train several stops and it would end up where we needed to be. No problem right? No problem except for the massive amounts of stairs that make up almost every tube station in London...and I have a stroller with me.

Well, wouldn't you know that as soon as I arrived at the Richmond tube station (the starting point of my journey) I came across two other young mothers complete with multiple toddlers and multiple strollers!! We mommies like to look out for one another, even across the Atlantic, so they were so sweet to help me get my stroller down the stairs, through the gates, and onto the train. If that wasn't enough, they were also headed to the Science Museum and they were able to help me again once we got there and point me in the right direction to all the great kiddie activities.

Like I said, I don't believe in coincidence. We serve an amazing God who continually helps us out in big ways and in small.


The Braaten Family said...

Praise be to God for sweet angels at a time of panic such as this!!!

Jerimiah Smith said...

How fun. What a cool thing, and awesome that you have that perspective. I'm very proud and jealous of all the cool experiences you are having. Talk to you again soon.


Chris Faehnle said...

As you know, I always believe in divine intervention. I love seeing how much fun Christopher is having on all these adventures. Can't wait to have some adventures with you all when I come. Love, Mom