Monday, 12 November 2007

We'll Always Have Paris

If someone had told me four months ago that my family would take a quick weekend trip to Paris, France I would have thought they were CRAZY!! However, that is just what we did this past weekend!! It was amazing.

We left London on Friday evening via train, and arrived in Paris around 9:00 that night. Our hotel was a quaint little European hotel, perfect for what we were looking for. The location was great and we spent all day Saturday and Sunday seeing the sights of the City of Lights.

Saturday morning began with an adventure to the top of the Eiffel Tower. All three of us made it to the top...a real triumph for me as most of you know! We ate a nice lunch at a cafe' not too far from there. After lunch we hopped on a bus tour to show us the main sights of the city. The tour allowed you to get on and off at each sight as you wished so this was just perfect for us. The weather was pretty cold so it was nice to keep the walking at a minimum. We spent Saturday afternoon in the Louvre. I think even if we spent an entire week there it would have been a challenge to see the entire museum. But WOW, what an experience to see some of the most famous pieces of art in the world! After seeing more of the city on our bus tour, we ended our day trying to get some good pictures and eat dinner....both somewhat of a challenge in a place where you don't speak the language!! At any rate, here are a few pictures from our first day in Paris.

Sunday morning we headed over to Notre Dame. We ate some breakfast nearby and did a little shopping as well. Then we toured the famous cathedral. It was very inspirational. There was a mass going on when we were there, so to hear the organs and songs while looking around was very moving. We rode on our bus again to see some of the things we had missed on Saturday. We ended our day with a boat tour down the Seine River. It was great to see some of the things that you miss while on the streets.

Our Parisian experience included a two-year-old, as you can imagine, our sight seeing was a little different than perhaps it would have been otherwise. However, Christopher was a real trooper and went two days with a minimal nap in his stroller and didn't have any real meltdowns. We are so blessed with him!!
Here are a few more pictures!

Notre Dame

Cory and Christopher outside Notre Dame.

Yes, this is Christopher STANDING up on his seat on the TOP of the double-decker tour bus. He had gone up there with Cory and I saw the picture later. Nice one Daddy!

So Baby Locke will one day know that he/she has been to Paris too!

Our little romantic moment.


Josh and Deb said...

Soooooo jealous...

Pappa Bear said...

What a blessing! I'm so happy for you all!

Chris Faehnle said...

WOW!! What a wonderful experience for all three of you. I am so thankful that Christopher is such a good child that he is helping you all to build some great memories. Can't wait to see you! Love, Mom

Jerimiah Smith said...

Man. I can't believe you guys got to go. That is definitely next on our list (if we ever get there). How cool. Can't wait to see what is next.