Friday, 2 November 2007

Our Life in London!

So, several of our friends have blogs and I love keeping up with them that way. I figured our little London adventure was a great excuse to start our own!

For those of you who may not know, back in August, Cory was asked to work on an assignment for EDS over in London for a few months. He accepted of course and was able to convince his boss that Christopher and I should come along. After a lengthy process in finalizing paperwork, and a couple of solo business trips for Cory, the three of us arrived here on Tuesday morning,October 30th.

We are living in a serviced apartment in Richmond, Surrey. We really like the area as it provides easy access to the busses and tube transportation. In addition to that, there are several quaint little shops and cafe's all in walking distance from our apartment.

Cory has been working really hard and Christopher and I have spent most of this week adjusting to UK time. We have adventured out a couple of times though. Last night, Christopher had his first tube ride so we could meet Daddy for dinner in Central London. It was quite an experience for me, but he had an absolute ball saying "Choo-choo" every chance he got!!

Unfortunatley, we forgot our USB cable to download our pictures back in the states. We are going to get one here though and hopefully soon, I'll be able to add to pictures to the blog. In the meantime....enjoy!!


Josh and Deb said...

Hooray! Welcome to the world of blogging! I am excited that I will be able to follow along with your adventures in London! I am glad it worked out for you and Christopher to go...I know the experience will be worth it!

We love you guys!

Deb, Josh, and Noah

dustin locke said...

Alright! I'm glad you guys got a blog. I can't wait to see some pictures. I was just telling Heather this morning how much I'm missing Christopher. (I've even had a couple of dreams about him this week!) So when will you be back in Dallas? I'm planning to be there for the entire month of December.

The Braaten Family said...

You did it!! Blogging is so much fun. I can't wait to read all about y'all's London adventures and see all the pictures!

Jerimiah Smith said...

WOW. Locke Bloggers. How cool, this will be a fun way to keep with ya'lls time in London. I'll be checkin it frequently. Talk to you soon ... especially after Jennifer and I claim victories over the Locke family on Sunday.

Love you all.


Chris Faehnle said...

I just left one message on this, but I guess it disappeared. This is really a neat way for those of us in the United States to keep up with your adventures. I hope we get to see lots of pictures. Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks. Love, Mom

BethHubbard said...

How fun! So 2007 of you! Hope you're still having fun and met Gwyneth and Gwen and their little tikes in Hyde park. Can't wait to see the pictures of Christopher with Kingston and Apple!

DRF said...

"let's go fly a kite..." visit Hyde Park, soon. love, DRF

Norma Harris said...

Wow, this is really neat. I've enjoyed the stories and of course the pictures. What an experience you three are having.
But back here in Kansas, it deer hunting time. I have the day off, and I'm going hunting in the morning. I'm sure I'll get a BIG buck. And if I do you will hear about it.
Mom, or your memere, continue to adjust well to the nursing home. Cont. praying for memere and pepere.
Take care and we send our love,
Aunt Norma and Uncle Floyd